Let’s end on a bright note!

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spicy_butternut_soup_ingredients2_122014It’s been a difficult year for me personally, but also one of growth. Being ever the optimist, I’m taking the opportunity to end 2014 on a bright, positive note. I’m back to my recipe and book writing, so here’s a peek at what’s to come:  I’ll be taking things to a whole new level of health and wellness, with a focus on prevention and healing.  To that end, this super easy soup has a “secret,” potent cancer-fighting combination of turmeric and black pepper with coconut oil. It’s made even healthier, spicier and more delicious with the addition of turmeric’s cousin, ginger. The oil and black pepper compound, piperine, help increase the effect of curcumin, one of the best known natural anti-inflammatory compounds (and a proven cancer-fighting substance), and is the active compound found in turmeric root.

Enjoy and eat to your health!

Susan’s Spicy Butternut Squash Soup

This rich and heavy-tasting soup is actually a light yet potent cancer-fighting combination that can be a meal starter or the “star” itself.  Make it vegetarian/vegan by switching to vegetable broth or water.  This bright, bold soup is nourishment for body, mind and soul!

1 butternut squash (about 3 lbs.)
2 Tb coconut oil
2 shallots, peeled and sliced
3 Tb chopped fresh ginger
2 tsp turmeric
1 tsp each cinnamon, black pepper, salt
½ tsp cardamom
4 cups organic chicken broth (low-sodium)
2 cups water

Cut butternut squash neck from base. Peel skin, remove seeds, and cut all parts into small chunks.
Melt oil in large pot over medium heat. Add shallots, ginger and all spices. Let cook until shallots soften, about 10 minutes.
Add squash chunks, stir and let cook 2 minutes, then add broth and water.
Bring to a boil, reduce heat to low and let simmer 30 mins. Remove from heat and let stand 5 minutes. Using an immersion blender, blend until smooth. Alternatively, pour into blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Makes roughly 9 one-cup servings. Garnish with fresh parsley and 1tsp crème fraiche swirled on top if desired.

Nutrition information per serving: 90 kcals, 4 g pro, 13 g carb, 4 g fat, 320 mg sodium, 400 mg potassium, 2 gm fiber

About Susan Greeley
Helping others achieve optimal health through good nutrition and lifestyle, Susan Greeley promotes wellness through diets rich in healthy, wholesome foods. She counsels clients in her own private nutrition practice and works as the staff nutritionist for a YMCA.

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