Surf, No Turf

Surf, No Turf — Summer is For Seafood!   It’s the season for grilling, but according to the National Fisheries Institute, any season and every season is good for seafood, thanks to both advances in aquaculture (farmed fish) and cold storage capabilities.  Since the national government is encouraging all of us to eat more seafood[Continue reading…]

October is National Seafood Month

By Susan Greeley, MS, RD The start of autumn may not typically trigger thoughts of seafood, but there’s good reason it should — October is National Seafood Month! Hot or cold outside, seafood is in. Why? In case you don’t know or need a reminder, eating seafood as part of your weekly diet has health[Continue reading…]

Back-to-School Brain Food

Back-to-School Brain Food   by Susan Greeley, MS, RD As the kids head back to school, many moms (and dads) hit the books too — cookbooks, that is! Back to school means back to the kitchen. Good nutrition habits may have gone on vacation with the family this summer, but when it’s time to get back[Continue reading…]

Tilapia: The Family-Friendly Fish

 by Susan Greeley, MS, RD  Tilapia: The Family-Friendly Fish In a world where more than 70 percent of the globe is covered with water, fish is a readily available food.  As consumers catch on to its health benefits; however, the global demand for fish is steadily increasing while our seas are being overfished. As a[Continue reading…]

Souper Foods to Stave Off Cold and Flu

by Susan Greeley, MS, RD Getting through the long, cold, harsh winter months without a bout of the flu or nagging cold may seem impossible despite downing megadoses of vitamin C and creating a cracked desert on your palms from obsessively slathering on hand sanitizer.  By focusing on some “superfoods” and lifestyle basics, however, you’re[Continue reading…]

Two Weeks to a Slimmer Summer!

Summer fun and vacation time often bring some unwanted pounds with them. Slim down instead of letting it get you down at the end of summer. Try’s “I heart summer slim-down challenge” now!

Breaking Bread – Facts, Fiction & Fads

The first thing that comes to mind as I sit to write this article is how many puns and plays on words I can throw in. Something along the lines of what you “knead to know”, “let’s toast to toast!” and “the best thing since sliced bread”. But long, long before sliced bread, going all[Continue reading…]

Boost Your Metabolism in 2011!

Top 10 Foods to Eat in 2011 by Susan Greeley, MS, RD At the start of a new year, we all resolve to eat better and live better, so it’s time for another “Top 10” list.   With the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans coming out soon, there will be even more emphasis on getting us[Continue reading…]

When life gives you lemons, Rejoice!

Ahh, lemons. The meaning of that little saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade…” is simple yet profound, inspiring and hopeful.  Whether or not we’re talking about the unexpected life “lemons” or the real ones in our diets, I’m happy about and thankful for all the lemons in my life! You know why? Because[Continue reading…]

The Local Scoop

When you’re the youngest of eight children, survival is the key! That’s probably why I learned the value of food early in life. I simply love food and cooking and have found that in this world of abundant food messages, sometimes TMI isn’t a good thing. I am here to weed through all of the[Continue reading…]