Tilapia: The Family-Friendly Fish

 by Susan Greeley, MS, RD  Tilapia: The Family-Friendly Fish In a world where more than 70 percent of the globe is covered with water, fish is a readily available food.  As consumers catch on to its health benefits; however, the global demand for fish is steadily increasing while our seas are being overfished. As a[Continue reading…]

Souper Foods to Stave Off Cold and Flu

by Susan Greeley, MS, RD Getting through the long, cold, harsh winter months without a bout of the flu or nagging cold may seem impossible despite downing megadoses of vitamin C and creating a cracked desert on your palms from obsessively slathering on hand sanitizer.  By focusing on some “superfoods” and lifestyle basics, however, you’re[Continue reading…]

Two Lentil Soups to Love

Lentils are my favorite legume because you’ll never leave the table hungry if you’ve eaten them! They are not only filling and taste great but are also low in calories and very high in fiber.  Lentils are great in soups, but try them in cold salads too.  Unlike most other legumes (beans) and many vegetables,[Continue reading…]

Breast Cancer prevention — start soy foods early

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month.  It’s a great time to get parents thinking about their daughter’s long-term health, particularly in the area of breast cancer prevention.  Even without a family history of this disease, your daughter is at risk simply based on the fact that she has breasts.  In other words, every girl[Continue reading…]

Basic Nutrition for School Kids

As a parent, you know that a healthy diet is one of the best things you can provide your child.  Making sure your child eats well EVERY DAY is vital to their well being.  That’s why I recommend the following: Feed your children breakfast everyday.  Whether it’s leftovers  or simply a yogurt or whole wheat[Continue reading…]

Pack More Nutrition into Lunches for Kids

The best way to ensure your kids get a healthy lunch is to make it.  Here are some tips for packing more nutrition into their lunch boxes. Sandwich Do’s: • use fresh whole-wheat or multi-grain breads • buy organic uncured lunch meats and cheeses • buy natural peanut butter (contains no added sugar or hydrogenated[Continue reading…]

My wife and I got pregnant, but only she gave birth!

It may be years since your first baby arrived, but while he’s now heading off to school, Dad’s “baby” has stayed right on his belly! Sound familiar? Many fathers-to-be gain weight along with their wives during pregnancy, and in many cases, it’s the women who get back down to their normal weight first. For other[Continue reading…]