Tilapia: The Family-Friendly Fish

 by Susan Greeley, MS, RD  Tilapia: The Family-Friendly Fish In a world where more than 70 percent of the globe is covered with water, fish is a readily available food.  As consumers catch on to its health benefits; however, the global demand for fish is steadily increasing while our seas are being overfished. As a[Continue reading…]

Two Weeks to a Slimmer Summer!

Summer fun and vacation time often bring some unwanted pounds with them. Slim down instead of letting it get you down at the end of summer. Try healthyliving.com’s “I heart summer slim-down challenge” now!

Weighty Assumptions

When it comes to weight, it’s easy to assume that a person who is overweight is unhealthy while someone of “normal weight” is healthy. Yet weight should not be the ultimate measure of our health. Knowing the percent of your body fat is important as well. This fact is supported by a recent report from[Continue reading…]

Just say “No” to mixed messages

For all the health and nutrition advice out there, it seems the holy grail of health continues to elude us.  Consumers are still bombarded by conflicting messages, so I continue my mission of trimming the (bad) fat and giving people the skinny on what’s really going to help them lose weight and achieve some personal health[Continue reading…]

Late night eating linked to weight gain

I am often asked this or similar questions: “Is it ok to eat after 6 p.m.”  The answer I give is never a yes or no.  In general, it is not good to eat so lightly during the day and then come home starving and consume more than half of your total calories in the evening.[Continue reading…]

Food and Mood

FOOD AND MOOD Stressed out these days? How about a hot fudge brownie delight?! According to a recent study from the UK looking at mental health and diet, there are certain foods that exacerbate stress and unfortunately lead to weight gain. The good news is, there are also food “supporters” that help lessen the impact[Continue reading…]